Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ThermaSheet come in different sizes?
  • Which way up do the boards go?
  • How do you use to affix the ThermaSheet?
  • Can plasterboard dot and dab adhesive be use?
  • Can I tile straight onto the ThermaSheet?
  • Can I put the boards directly onto floor joists?
  • Can the boards be placed above underfloor heating?
  • Can ThermaSheet be used outside?
  • Do you sell curved board?
  • What is the maximum weight of tiling that ThermaSheet can hold?
  • Is ThermaSheet Ecofriendly?

Typically, 10mm is used on the floors and 12.5mm on the walls, but our boards range from 6mm right through to 50mm to suit any project.

It does not matter; both sides of the board are the same.

ThermaSheet is easy to use and can be fixed using cement based flexible tile adhesive – solvent based or ready mixed adhesives MUST NOT be used. Alternatively ThermaSheet can be fixed using screws and washers. This will vary depending on the location and usage of the product, please therefore refer to our installation instructions.

No, plasterboard adhesive is gypsum based, ThermaSheet boards have a cementitious skin therefore a cement based adhesive is needed.

Yes, the specially manufactured cement polymer coated boards gives the ideal surface to lay your tiles directly?

No, although the boards can take a weight of over 40 tonnes over per square metre, they can be distorted by the point load pressure of sitting on a joist.

No, the boards are insulation boards therefore they should go below the heating elements otherwise they will block the heat.

Given its waterproofing and insulation properties, ThermaSheet is particularly useful in both internal and external wet areas exposed to moisture.

Our pre-scored panels are particularly useful for curved areas, such a bath surrounds. It can be used to clad, waterproof and insulate archways and curved walls and also to create curved partition walls, curved bathroom panels, moulded tiled seats, round or curled cubicles etc.

The unique surface structure and patented bonding of the surface to the foam core allows ThermaSheet to carry much heavier tiles than other types of tile backer board. When the board is fixed to a masonry wall with a continuous bed of tile adhesive, tile weights comfortably exceed 100kg/m2.

ThermaSheet is environmentally friendly, it is CFC and HCFC free.