Common Uses for ThermaSheet

A high performance, multi-purpose and lightweight building material which is extremely versatile and can be used extensively in the construction industry for a wide range of applications.

Under Floor Heating

The insulation properties of ThermaSheet enhance underfloor heating, creating a large radiating heat surface. Without insulation, up to 40% of heat generated by an underfloor heating system could be lost through the sub-floor.

ThermaSheet significantly reduces downward heat loss resulting in enhanced performance of the heating system. This creates an added benefit of the heat source spread throughout the whole room reducing heating bills.


ThermaSheet can be used anywhere were tile is applied; on floors, walls and even around curved surfaces. Given it’s waterproofing and insulation properties, it should be used especially in wet areas such as bathrooms where walls and floors are particularly exposed to moisture.

ThermaSheet offer a diverse range of products to suit all your bathroom needs. The boards are produced in a range of thicknesses and sizes for use throughout the bathroom.

Additionally we offer pre-constructed ThermaNiche wall niches, that will save both time and cost.

ThermaSheet Shower trays are designed where falls to floor is needed to be created over existing level floors. Our pre-scored panels are particularly useful for curved areas, such a bath surrounds.

Spas & Construction

ThemaSheet is a multi-purpose lightweight construction board, designed for the application of all tile types, cement based screeds and synthetic renders. The extruded polystyrene core has a factory applied reinforced cement coating which provides excellent impact strength, sound reduction and fire resistance making them ideal for construction.

They are resistant to water making them ideal for use in areas that are subject to prolonged or permanent water immersion. Uses include, wetrooms, showers, swimming pools, external walls, balconies and patios, garden water features etc.

Because each construction job is different, we produce ThermaSheet in a range of thicknesses and board sizes. Our pre-scored panels are particularly useful for curved areas, such a spa surrounds.


ThermaSheet mosaic boards provide a strong, waterproof, long-lasting substrate for mosaic decoration. Our boards are suitable for covering in tiles or over-the-top tesserae! An ideal substrate for thin bed tiling on walls and floors or even render finishes!

The mosaic boards are of high performance, waterproof extruded polystyrene, faced with fibreglass mesh embedded into a cement polymer mortar on each side, which adds extra strength and rigidity to the board. You need to select a suitable base depended on the mosaic size, weight, support required, hanging or installation requirements and location.